In the event an elderly loved one falls ill, your immediate goal for them is to return to a steady state of health so they can 7209768470_98ea8d86c9_ocontinue enjoying life with a level of independence. For this to happen, their recovery process cannot be interrupted.  With our one-time transition of care packages, or “Hospital-to-Home Package,” our ComForcare caregivers can give continued in-home care for your loved one after the hospital has discharged them. From years of serving in the Charlotte home care industry, we know that sometimes hospitals can discharge patients with little notice prior to their release. This can put patients in an unnecessary bind of trying to find transportation home, as well as addition care after they get there.


What happens after your loved one goes home from the hospital should be a relief, not a concern. Our experienced caregivers are available to ensure your loved one receives everything they need to recover properly and get back to enjoy life as they should.


At ComForcare, we offer:

  • Experienced, reliable caregivers.
  • Same-day staffing.
  • One-time service agreement.
  • Affordable pricing.

Continued Charlotte Home Health Care Plans

Does your loved one need more than a one-time care service? Not a problem. ComForcare offers continued care plans including benefits like fall prevention and home safety checks, a nurse-implemented patient assessment as well as a personalized care plan based off of the assessment.


Here’s what you can expect with the ComForcare “Hospital-to-Home” Package:

  • Our dedicated caregivers travel to meet your loved one in the hospital room or discharge area of the facility.
  • Reliable transportation to patient’s home, with stops for errands such as groceries, or picking up prescriptions.
  • Meal preparation.
  • Light chore work as needed.
  • Bed-tuck service.
  • Phone call to family of patient to ensure them their loved one is home and most importantly – safe.

If your loved one needs transportation after a stay in a specialty care or rehabilitation facility, ComForcare offers transportation services as well. Our caregivers are available to ensure patients get safely transported after procedures like:

  • Reconstructive surgery
  • Plastic surgery
  • Dialysis
  • Podiatric
  • Eye or dental outpatient procedures

Travel Safely With a Charlotte Home Care Professional

We serve Charlotte and the surrounding areas to help senior citizens remain as safe and cared for as possible after treatment. The preservation of a high quality of life is our main priority.


If you have any questions about ComForcare’s “Hospital-to-Home” package, one-time care service, or transportation services – don’t hesitate to contact us today! You can reach us by email [link to:], or call our NC locations at (704) 543-0630 or (704) 543-0643, and our SC locations at (864) 431-7447!