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Top 5 Home Care Tips For Elderly Loved Ones

Caring for an elderly loved-one can be a little bit of a challenge at times. Medicine intake schedules, daily hygiene, going to-and-from doctor’s appointments and more, all on top of your own schedule leaves little time for you. But with the help of an experienced Charlotte home care  professional, caring for the elder loved one in your life can be easier than you think. Caregivers ensure your loved one is more secure, comfortable and safe at all times. This will reduce the chances of getting them more irritated, confused and/or aggressive, especially if they deal with a chronic illness or condition. On similar grounds, their stress level will be greatly reduced and you’ll have more time to cherish together with your loved one.

Top 5 Home Care Tips

Here are five helpful tips from our team of dedicated caregivers:

Keep Loved One Hydrated

  • Water has a number of health benefits, especially to the elderly. But most importantly, water can protect your loved one from a series of common ailments. For instance, recurring headaches, insomnia, lack of appetite or indigestion problems. To keep them safe and healthy, it’s advisable to buy them a small light-weight pitcher for drawing water. This pitcher should always be filled with water and placed in a safe place where it can easily be reached by your loved one. You should also try to remind them to drink the water from time to time, since the elderly are popularly known for being forgetful.

Reduce the Number of Mirrors in Your Home

  • If your home has mirrors in several corners, then you’ll have to reduce them to avoid getting your loved one confused. That’s because the elderly have a tendency of not being able to recognize their own reflection, and may be subjected to accidents when they get startled by their own image in a mirror.

Get Your Loved One Large Dials and Oversized Keypads

  • If your loved ones can use the phone, ensure that the keypad is actually large enough for them to see. On a similar chord, buy them a remote control with extra large numbers if they enjoy watching the television. It also recommended that you buy them a digital clock instead of a three-hand clock to make it easy for them to view time.

Be Flexible

  • Caring for an aging loved one may be effected by a series of surprises. For example, your loved one may unexpectedly fall sick or demand for more of your attention. For this reason, you should always be flexible and available in case of emergencies. The flexible aspect of charlotte home care is where working with an experienced professional comes into play. Caregivers can be there for your elderly loved ones during busy times for your schedule, so you can avoid taking unexpected time off, making that beach getaway in June or July still an option.

Communicate With Your Family

  • Before you make any adjustment in your home with a Charlotte home health care specialist, you’ll first have to discuss with the rest of your family (including your aging member of the family) about all the necessary changes to make. Discuss about all the things your elderly loved one want expects from each member of the family, and let them know about their role to play in taking care of the loved one.

Taking care of an elderly loved one may be a little easy if you have a lot of time. However, if the elderly demands for a full-time care, then you’ll have to seek some extra care. To get this help, you can always contact ComForcare.

Do you have more questions pertaining to home health care for senior citizens? If so, please feel free to contact us today. Our caregivers are ready to help!