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Your home serves as a sanctuary. It provides you with a comfortable environment specific to your needs, protection from the outside world and a space to truly relax. However, as we progress through life, the significance of our home can shift. In our elder years, our home becomes a vault for memories of our loved ones and our journey through life.


Remaining a homeowner in your older years is also a key to maintaining a level of independence that’s important for maintaining a higher level of self-esteem later on in life. Our caregivers at ComForcare understand how important enhancing the quality of life is for our patients, and they work everyday to help make sure our clients have everything they need as far as in-home health care to live as happily and freely as they deserve.


Charlotte Home Care Professionals Who Care

Our caregivers provide assistance as needed through the combination of Companions, Personal Care Aides, Certified Nursing Assistants, and/or live-in Aides. Our specially trained caregivers treat each client with the highest sense of urgency so that you trust the help your loved one needs is always available whenever they need it. Our professionals work to develop a relationship with patients, providing each with companionship, care and extraordinary in-home Charlotte assisted living services whether that is in a Private Residence, a Retirement Community, or a Health Facility.


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Charlotte Home Care is the Answer You’ve Been Looking For

Are you considering Charlotte assisted living services for someone you love? We all have that one Uncle or Grandfather. You know, the one who always has a hilarious story from the past that leaves everyone in your family in a state of laughter and enjoyment. Just as that family member was there for you throughout the years, the tables may turn and they may be the ones in need of your help now.


Our team of professionals has experience caring for senior citizens that you can trust in. You may not always have the time it takes to care for your elder family member, but our team does. Call us at 704-543-0630 and 704-543-0643 (NC Locations) or 803-431-7447 (SC Locations) so we can get to work. Let us help provide the help your loved ones deserve!