home-care-rock-hillAt ComForcare, we understand the concerns you have if you think a loved one may need help. It’s an issue faced by thousands of people every day.


Whether you have the support of other family members or are the sole family caregiver, to find the best care for your loved one you will have to do research, ask questions and make many decisions, some that are very difficult.


The process begins with realizing that help is needed:

  • Do you know what signs to look for?
  • Have you expressed your concerns to other family members?
  • Have you sat down with your loved one to talk about his or her situation and plans for the future?

Then you must decide what type of care is needed:

  • Does your loved one need to move into a skilled care or assisted-living facility?
  • Will in-home care allow your loved one to continue to live at home?

If you think home care is the right option, you are then faced with finding the right caregiver:

  • Should you hire an independent caregiver or work with an agency?
  • How often is care needed – a few times a week, every day or around the clock?

We are experienced in helping families deal with the issues that arise as a loved one ages or deals with a chronic illness. We can help you at every stage of this process and assist you in making the right decisions for your loved one, your family and you.