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The emotions that mix with the responsibilities of caring for an elderly loved one with dementia is a lot for anyone on top of managing your own personal schedule. The gradual decline of memory, speech and problem solving abilities that accompany dementia require a particular level of care to ensure the safety and well being of your loved one; this is where ComForcare’s caregivers come in. Our team is available to provide in-home Charlotte dementia care so that your elderly loved one can remain in the comfort of a familiar environment.


At ComForcare, we believe excellent care is the standard for satisfying the daily needs of our clients. A large part of this is involving them in every step of their own care. No matter what type of in-home service our staff provides, we always work to keep our clients involved in every step of their care, because it’s a great way to help them maintain a level of independence which is critical for our first priority – enhancing their quality of life.

More On Dementia…

Dementia is most often associated with a cognitive decline and overall memory loss that interferes with a senior citizen’s day-to-day life. This disease progressively weakens an individual’s processing abilities, which can ultimately lead to drastic changes in mood, behavior and memory. Here are some more specific behaviors to look for that could be warning signs for dementia:

  • Difficulty completing familiar tasks.
  • Confusion with place or time.
  • Frequently losing or misplacing items.
  • Unusual changes in personality or mood.
  • Memory loss.
  • Decrease in problem solving skills.
  • Decreased judgment.
  • Social withdrawal.
  • New speech problems.
  • Problems writing.
  • Poor ability to retrace steps.

Benefits of ComForcare In-Home Dementia Care

Our dedicated caregivers are trained in methods to combat the effects of  dementia. Here are ways working with ComForcare can benefit you and your loved one:

  • Supervision.
  • Help maintain a safe environment.
  • Provide mentally stimulating activities.
  • Manage changes in behavior.
  • Create social engagement.
  • Encourage social engagement.
  • Provide family and friend support.
  • Provide nutritious meals.

Charlotte Home Care for Dementia

ComForcare works to make the top quality of life a reality for your loved one. You do not have to face the obstacles of caring for your loved one alone. If you would like more information on our in-home dementia services or if you have any other questions pertaining to Charlotte home care feel free to contact our team at (704) 543-0630 or (704) 543-0643 (NC locations), or (803) 431-7447 (SC location).