We know the difficulties day surgeries or treatments can take on our bodies and our anxiety levels. ComForcare can assist with getting you or your loved ones to and from the surgery / treatment center in your car or one of the cars of our bonded, insured, and trained Caregivers. Some of the more frequent requests we get for transportation and post surgery – treatment assistance include the following:

  • Plastic Surgery
  • Cosmetic Dental Surgery
  • Orthopedic Surgery
  • Eye Surgery
  • Dialysis Treatment
  • Oncology/Radiology Treatment

Often times physicians post-surgery highly recommend or even mandate that assistance is given for a period of time until resulting stiffness or pain linger. Sometimes that can last for a few days or even weeks in which time the physician will want to see the patient again. Our caregivers can provide care before and after surgery to help insure the patient gets to the center on-time, gets home safely, and stays with them as they are healing and/or until the physician wants to see the patient for a follow-up appointment.