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Can You Reverse Hearing Loss?

Unfortunately, hearing loss can’t be reversed, but you can boost your hearing with special aids or treatments. Hearing loss due to aging is common and it’s believed that heredity and a constant dose of loud noises are also causes. Blockages, cause by earwax can cause a certain amount of hearing loss that prevents you from hearing sounds. Ear infections and bone growth or tumors that affect the middle or outer ear can also cause hearing loss. Read more

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Aging and Your Sense of Smell

As we age, we may experience some problems that affect the body and mind, including a change in our sensory perceptions. Our sense of smell may affect how we eat, enjoy food and drink and also affect the type of nutrients we put in our bodies. Depending on how severe the loss of smell is, it could actually be dangerous if it means we don’t smell hazardous chemicals, gas leaks and smoke. Read more

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Basic Dental Care for Senior Citizens

As you age, dental care becomes more and more valuable to your overall health. Many senior citizens experience dental problems, but it’s good to know that these problems can be reduced and improved by a few simple techniques. Basically, changes take place in your mouth as you age — gums soften and the muscles in your mouth become weak. Saliva production is reduced as is the ability to chew your food. Read more

Easy Memory Improving Tips for Seniors

As we age, we start to notice a number of alterations in our capability to remember things such as an appointment with the doctor, going into a room and not remembering why, and forgetting the name of someone during a conversation etc.
Memory lapses may happen at any phase of our life however we are more likely to get more concerned as we age because we fear it may be an indication of loss of mental function. The actual fact is, memory loss in older individuals is not a normal aspect of aging; it is because of natural disorders, damage to the brain, or neurological disease, such as Alzheimer’s which is feared by most of the people. Read more