Position: Administrative Assistant

Supervised By: Director of Operations

Reports to: HR & Finance Specialist (Reports to Director of Operations in absence of HR & Finance Specialist)


  1. Compliance with all company bonding criteria.
  2. Eighteen years of age or older, with U.S. citizenship and/or equivalent employment eligibility authorization.
  3. Exceptional organizational skills.
  4. Demonstrated ability to effectively communicate and interact with clients, co-workers, and all supervisors.
  5. High school diploma, or equivalent General Education Degree.

Routine Duties:

  1. Telephone and reception duties. Including working at front desk as primary receptionist.
  2. Performing weekly inventory assessments of office supplies, including all paperwork. Administrative Assistant will take ownership of this responsibility to assure that all office supplies will be available when needed.
  3. Organize incoming documentation for accountant, and file flow sheets in client files.
  4. Maintain and organize client files- including the thinning of client files as needed.
  5. Coordinate the filing and updating of quality assurance information in the employee personnel files and within the company software package.
  6. Compilation of employee orientation packets, applications, client intake packets for case openings, and marketing packets for outside sales staff.
  7. Processing of application materials for field staff.
  8. Data entry relevant to scheduling, sales and human resources databases.
  9. Assist with special project coordination at the discretion of the Director. ComForcareSM encourages involvement in growth opportunities for all administrative staff in order to prepare staff for promotional opportunities.

All Interviewing and Applications are done in person at office locations.